jeoJoe McLaughlin is a businessman, a family man and your neighbor and will be a champion of the 16th Congressional District Taxpayers and New Yorkers who are yearning for honesty, accountability and fiscal integrity from their federal government.

The youngest of seven from 2nd generation Irish-American family from the Bronx, Joe McLaughlin was raised by a single mother who instilled in him the values of hard work, frugality, personal responsibility and duty to God, Country and Community.

As a latch key kid growing up Joe learned the value of a strong local community, which in his case was centered around his local parish of Our lady Of Angels in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx and extended from Riverdale to Pelham Bay through CYO Basketball, Hawks American Football, Celtics Irish Football and Cardinal Spellman High School. Joe enjoyed an extended family beyond his loving mother and 6 siblings. The Trainors; Sullivans; McGonigles; Cox and the Powells made sure he had cleats and togs to play Gaelic Football. He walked the mile back and forth to Bailey Field to play Hawks football knowing he was safe because the adults and teenagers were always looking out for him. This upbringing instilled in Joe the belief in the good nature of people and that 99% of them strive to do right by their families, friends and communities.

Joe believes the power and greatness of America comes from the type of communities he grew up in and is something that has been robbed by career politicians that rely on pitting us against each other in an effort to replace our voluntary reliance on each other with mandatory reliance on the government.

Following his graduation from the College of the Holy Cross, where he played Defensive End on a 40-4 team, Joe started his financial services career at the NY Federal Reserve Bank before moving out to work on the Chicago Board of Trade. Upon returning to New York Joe worked for a financial software company and a private equity firm before changing careers and moving into commercial real estate where he remains today concentrating in Multi-Family Housing.

With two beautiful daughters to take care of Joe realized that we could no longer afford to send the same irresponsible career politicians like Eliot Engel back to Washington, so he is running for Congress to give his neighbors true representation in their government.

Joe provides the citizens of NY’s 16th District with a clear choice between a neighbor who believes in:

living in harmony with his neighbors
limiting the role of the federal government to providing what we as individuals or as a community can’t provide ourselves or have provided to us by our state government
fiscal responsibility and congressional accountability
growing the private sector economy
ending the generational theft of our children and grandchildren.

Or continue to vote for an immoral carpetbagger (Eliot Engel) who believes we are serfs in his fiefdom and is responsible for 100% of our generational debt and loss of liberty and has America on the verge of bankruptcy.